Tips to optimise a campaign

Once your campaign is up and running, you need to keep an eye on how the campaign is performing and optimize it for maximum success. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your campaigns.

1. Test out various creatives.

If you already know what type of offer you would like to advertise, the next thing would be to have various creatives for your offer. This will be really helpful later when you are testing which creatives work and which don't. You can use image banks or search engines to find images for your creatives. Also, you can create banners and images for native campaigns yourself. Design your banners so that you could grab the attention of your target audience. Sometimes as many as 100 creatives can be required to find the best ones.

2. Test out various landing pages.

Some landing pages draw more attention than others. Try various landing pages for maximum effect. 

3. Use conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking is a feature that allows you to identify how well your ad campaign is generating leads, sales, downloads, email sign-ups, and other key actions for your business. Pixel, image, or postback – that is the way to track your success and to make the optimization simpler.

Pixels and images allow you to track conversions in case you have access to the code of the page where conversions are tracked.

Postback URL allows you to track conversions using a third-party tracking platform and send the information about conversions to AdMachine reports. For more information on Postback URL, please follow the link

This way you can track ROI on the reports page and optimize campaigns to achieve better results.

4. Source sampling.

Source sampling is a feature that limits the number of impressions you will get from one source.

You can make the capping for any source per any period of time to be able to check as many sources as possible. Please note the smaller the source, the more precise your targeting will be.

Let’s say you will make capping for 1000 impressions per domain, per 1 day. It means you will not get more than 1000 impressions from one domain within one day and as a result, you will get traffic from lots of other domains. At the same time, 1000 impressions will be enough to check how well these sources perform (if it is not, please choose the greater value).

Afterward you will open reports, make a breakdown by domains, and check the performance of all the domains. Like this, you will find out which ones work better for you and which of them are to be blacklisted. Please read below how to work with the Reporting page.

5. Report analysis.

Go to the Reports page to see how your campaigns perform. Since you are sending the information about conversions to the reports, as well as using source sampling to test as many sources as possible, you can optimize the campaign using this information.

For example, you can make a breakdown by domains/placements and see ROI for each of them. To do this, you need to select Domains/Placement ID in the reports dimensions. After you found domains/placements with the lowest ROI, you can block the ones with low ROI in the Sources and Domains Blacklist. For more information about blacklisting, please follow the link

Another useful metric is an ROI breakdown by creatives. Since you are testing various creatives, it is useful to see CTR and ROI for each of the creatives you uploaded. You can then stop the creatives with low CTR and ROI.

After you blocking low-performing domains, creatives, and testing different offers and landing pages, you will be able to have positive ROI using our network.

6. Optimization rules.

This feature allows you to create any rule which will automatically blacklist the sources which are under the rule.

Let's say your CPM is 1$ and you do not want to spend more than 10$ per one conversion (just an example!). The rule to be implemented will be like this:

For domain if impressions > 10000 and conversions < 1 in today then blacklist

Like this, all the sources with more than 10000 impressions and less than 1 conversion will be blacklisted every hour starting from the time when you have implemented the rule. You can use accepted clicks instead of impressions in the rule or you can implement your own rule, which will help you to filter unwanted traffic.

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