Basic instruction guides for operating the AdMachine system


Push and Audience traffic is now available!

AdMachine is a white label solution for establishing your own advertising platform. It allows you to run campaigns on behalf of your clients as well as give them access to the self-serve platform.

You assign a baked-in commission for each client. This commission will be deducted from the advertiser bid and will remain in your admin account. You can request a payout twice a month and we will wire you the profit from your platform.

Let's look at the example. Your admin account has a $100 balance. Your client's account balance is $100 as well. Your commission for the client is 15%. After the advertiser account balance is depleted, you will still have $15 in your admin balance while the advertiser will see $0 balance in its account.

Basically, what you pay for the traffic is what your client pays minus your commission for this client.

Then you can make a request for this amount to be paid out to you.

Since AdMachine is a white label solution, you may want to provide your clients access to login and signup pages. This can be easily done. When you create an account at AdMachine you will be given a unique third-level domain at [yourusername] that you can use to access your account. 

The login and signup pages are located at the following addresses:



You can now take those links and place them on your website or give them to your customers so that they can create accounts on your platform.

It is possible to use white label the platform even more by adding your logo, branded login URL, custom CSS, and much more.

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