Tips to optimize a campaign

If you already know what type of offer you would like to advertise, the next thing would be to have various creatives for your offer. This will be really helpful later when we will be testing which creatives work and which don't. You can use image banks or search engines to find images for your creatives.

Now, we need to use a postback URL. This will allow us to see, which clicks provided conversions. We need to use the {CLICK_ID} macros and enter the $ value of the conversion in the pixel like this:{CLICK_ID}&price=5

The Postback URL can be accessed on the campaign page.

Now you need to upload your creatives to our system. We support several creatives within one campaign, which is very convenient because it can save you a lot of time.

After that, we need to go to the Reports page and see how our campaign performs. Since we are sending the information about conversions to the reports using Postback URL, we can optimize the campaign using this information.

For example, we can make a breakdown by domains and see ROI for each of the domains. To do this, we need to select Domains in the dimensions of the report. After you found domains with the lowest ROI, you can block the domains with low ROI in the domains black list.

Another useful metric is an ROI breakdown by creatives. Since we are testing various creatives it is useful to see CTR and ROI for each of the creatives we uploaded. We can then stop the creatives with low CTR and ROI.

Sometimes as many as 100 creatives can be required to find the best ones.

Hopefully, after blocking low-performing domains, and creatives and testing different offers and landing pages you will be able to have positive ROI using our network.

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