How to add a new client's account

There are 2 ways to sign up a client on the AdMachine platform:

  1. Using the admin panel:
    1. Go to the Users page and click 
    2. Select the User type - Advertiser or Publisher
    3. Enter the client's contact information
    4. Click Create profile

  2. Using self-serve signup form. The signup form is located at [youradmachinelogin] For example, if your login is "demo", then your self-serve signup form will be located at

a. Select the User type Advertiser or Publisher

b. Enter the client's contact information                                                                         

c. Click  Sign up 

To add funds to the user’s account, follow the steps below:

1.    Go to the Payments tab

2.    In the Amount field enter the sum and click Apply

3.    The added funds will be displayed in Balance

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